Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 40 - 02-27-10

Episode 40 was strong. The Ed was at the peak of his powers as he talked about his upcoming elective surgery and called in to the show to scare us with both his big tough man voice and his woman voice. He even said, "I pity the fool" at my request, which was glorious.

In addition to Ed, Face Ventura and the Whale helped me go through the Magnificent Seven greatest calls in sports announcer history. Number 6 was a personal favorite, even though it probably didn't belong on this list.

I also played "Doug on Demand" a phone call with my best friend Doug Newton who tends to disparage the show, but the call had some good stories about his job as a dispatcher on the Colorado State Patrol as well as his admission to getting a tattoo of a lego man. Doug really likes legos.

We also talked a little bit about Olympic hockey and curling, and I played a song to help enlighten people to the rules of hockey courtesy the Mike O'Meara show.

The Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was the self-title album from "The Trampolines" which released in 2005.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NHL 94 Tournament

Playoff Matchups:

Round 1:

1 Seed - Whalers
8 Seed - Mighty Ducks

Whalers win series 2-0

2 Seed - Bruins
7 Seed - Rangers

Bruins win series 2-0

3 Seed - Nordiques
6 Seed - Canadiens

Nordiques win series 2-0

4 Seed - Blackhawks
5 Seed - Penguins

Blackhawks win series 2-0

Round 2:


Nordiques win series 3-2


Whalers win series 3-0

NHL 94 Finals:


Whalers win series and the Cup 4-2

Here are the final regular season standings:

NHL Team Points W L GF GA +/- GP
Whalers 16 8 0 82 35 +47 8
Bruins 14 7 1 83 37 +46 8
Nordiques 12 6 2 79 39 +40 8
Blackhawks 8 4 3 40 49 -9 7
Penguins 8 4 4 41 47 -6 8
Canadiens 6 3 5 27 31 -4 8
Rangers 4 2 6 19 59 -40 8
Mighty Ducks 2 1 6 17 43 -26 7
Kings 0 0 8 3 51 -48 8

2-6-10 Bruins 5 Canadiens 1
2-7-10 Nordiques 8 Canadiens 4
2-7-10 Penguins 5 Rangers 3
2-7-10 Bruins 7 Nordiques 4
2-8-10 Rangers 2 Kings 1
2-10-10 Whalers 5 Penguins 4
2-12-10 Nordiques 12 Mighty Ducks 2
2-12-10 Blackhawks 4 Canadiens 3
2-12-10 Nordiques 10 Blackhawks 3
2-12-10 Bruins 12 Blackhawks 10
2-13-10 Canadiens 5 Mighty Ducks 3
2-13-10 Bruins 8 Mighty Ducks 2
2-13-10 Whalers 5 Mighty Ducks 0
2-13-10 Canadiens 8 Rangers 0
2-13-10 Rangers 4 Ducks 3
2-13-10 Whalers 7 Canadiens 2
2-13-10 Blackhawks 7 Rangers 3
2-13-10 Bruins 9 Rangers 2
2-14-10 Nordiques 10 Penguins 6
2-14-10 Penguins 4 Canadiens 3
2-14-10 Whalers 13 Rangers 2
2-14-10 Penguins 9 Mighty Ducks 6
2-14-10 Whalers 14 Bruins 10
2-14-10 Whalers 13 Nordiques 10
2-17-10 Nordiques 13 Rangers 3
2-18-10 Nordiques 12 Kings 1
2-19-10 Whalers 12 Kings 1
2-19-10 Bruins 21 Kings 0
2-19-10 Bruins 11 Penguins 4
2-19-10 Whalers 13 Blackhawks 6
2-19-10 Blackhawks 9 Penguins 8
2-20-10 Penguins 1 Kings 0 (Forfeit)
2-20-10 Canadiens 1 Kings 0 (Forfeit)
2-20-10 Blackhawks 1 Kings 0 (Forfeit)
2-20-10 Mighty Ducks 1 Kings 0 (Forfeit)

Player NHL Team
socnorb777 Bruins
face ventura Nordiques
#19 Whalers
Vijay from Australia Blackhawks
PhillyBillyRules Penguins
amiezin Rangers
#1 Sploser Mighty Ducks
Richie Kings
Fourthand26 Canadiens

NHL 94 Finals - Whalers versus Nordiques

NHL 94 Finals - Whalers versus Nordiques

HARTFORD! QUEBEC! It's the NHL 94 Finals on Vertically Striped Radio. Mike Dell and Face Ventura face off for the Cup.

The Ed Show - Episode 68 - 02-25-10


The Ed Show
The Ed watched some wrestling, talked about his adventures at the swap meet, and unveiled the winners of his fantasy baseball scholarships.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LCS Hockey Show - Episode 157 - 02-24-10


LCS Hockey Radio Show
We talked Olympic hockey at the top of the show until The Ed arrived and auditioned for a gig in Pittsburgh sports radio. He also helped us figure out the settings for our upcoming 30-team fantasy baseball league. In the second hour, author and former NYC police officer Pat Picciarelli joined us to discuss the Top 11 Police TV shows. He also touched on police books and movies, telling some great stories about "Serpico."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barnstable Broadcast - Episode 50 - 02-23-10

Barnstable Broadcast #50
Sports talk from Cape Cod Mass

Elevation Radio - Episode 21 - 02-23-10


Elevation Radio with Devon Harris
Devon Harris is an author, motivational speaker, and is best known as 3 time Olympian. Devon was a member of the original 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team that was commemorated in the movie Cool Runnings and competed in the Calgary games. He was regarded as the leader of the team. Besides the '88 games, Devon later represented Jamaica in the '92 Albertville and '98 Nagano Olympics as a member of the two man bobseld teams. Devon will be joining me live from Whistler to discuss his books, motivational speaking career, the current games, and his Olympic memories and experiences as a member of the Jamaican bobsled teams.

Monday, February 22, 2010

No Name Show - Episode 41 - 02-22-10


No Name Show - 2/22/2010
On tonight's show, we'll select the brackets for the Wii Home Run Derby, discuss my latest waterfall adventure, and do a few other fun things.

Major Minority Report - Episode 3 - 02-22-10

3rd installment of the Major Minority Report. It's the show that Dr. Kevorkian reccomends to all his patients! We played a horribly run game, we spoke about the NBA, talked to Faceventura and Craig Dodge, played a call from Leonard about... um.... a violation in trust, and more.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 39 - 02-20-10

Since we were halfway through the Olympics, Craig, Face Ventura and The Whale decided to chat up the noteworthy events from Vancouver...and Craig had to share his distaste for "Men's" figure skating. We talked a bit about how it is better psychologically to win Bronze than it is to win Silver, or at least so say the scientists.

We learned how the "Song of the Count" from Sesame Street could be, um, enhanced? (For Comedy purposes, at least.) Craig shared his painfully awkward Magnificent 7 list, finally. And Face Ventura made sure that everyone knew he expects to win the whole NHL 94 tournament now that we have made it to the elimination round.

The Ed called in at the end of the show to talk a bit about his trip to Lubbock Texas where he had seen his beloved Red Raiders fall to the Texas Longhorns earlier in the day, and how he and Texas Tech coach Pat Knight were going to be having dinner with Under Armor big wigs that evening.

The Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was "Rhythm of the Pridelands" Music Inspired by Disney's Lion King. Which doesn't sound nearly as cool until you listen to it, it's some good stuff.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ed Show - Episode 67 - 02-18-10


The Ed Show
The Ed talked about his upcoming trip to Texas, took a call from his pal Security Guy Irv, and recapped last week's Super Deluxe Baby Fights.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LCS Hockey Show - Episode 156 - 02-17-10


LCS Hockey Radio Show
It was a birthday extravaganza for Mike Dell, as Dave Dameshek, Cousin Brandon, and The Ed all made appearances. The show also featured Larry v. Beer, with Larry attempting to drink 10 beers in two hours. Take that, Adam Richman.

Monday, February 15, 2010

No Name Show - Episode 40 - 02-15-10


No Name Show - 2/15/2010 - Sports Movies

Tonight we talked a little about the Winter Olympics, the NBA All Star Game, and discussed the best sports movies with Big Steve, Face Ventura, #1 Fan Daniel, and Steve from Alabama. I also gave out the Douche of the Week award, announced the winner of Limey Love Songs, and discussed my undying love for the movie
Sleepless in Seattle. Good times were had by a few.

Major Minority Report - Episode 2 - 02-15-10

The Major Minority Report Episode 2

We spoke about what we did wrong last time, gave a proper bio on our favorite oddball Leonard, spoke with The Ed about the Magic Johnson conspiracy, went over ways women are crazy, and finished with our patented A, B, C, D, E, Eff em! segment. Yep. A whole lot of nothing!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 38 - 02-13-10

The Olympics are starting, and to celebrate...we barely talked about the Olympics.

Face Ventura and The Whale called in to help me crown the Super Bowl Commercial Champion, we remembered the career of Casey Kasem and played our very own long distance dedication, a song from Fourthand26's girl to him for his birthday/Valentine's Day.

The Ed called in to promote this evening's Super Baby Fights, he described how little he cares for the movie Avatar, and he explained why he thinks that men can't really have real relationships with women. (We agreed to disagree on that one.)

We finished up actually talking a little winter Olympics and also giving an update (and talking a little smack) about the NHL 94 tournament over at

The music recommendation this week was "No Room" by The Samples.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ed Show - Episode 66 - 02-11-10


The Ed Show

The Ed previewed the upcoming Super Deluxe Baby Fights and then called his buddy David Stein.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LCS Hockey Show - Episode 155 - 02-10-10


LCS Hockey Show

We talked hockey for all of five minutes before being joined by our pal The Ed, who will apparently go 162-0 this season for the Colorado Rockies. The Ed also talked about going to dinner with Pat Knight, the upcoming Super Deluxe Baby Fights, and he even did a Michael Jackson medley. mikedell followed up the musical number with a Michael Jackson conspiracy segment, and we finished the show with a live play-by-play of an NHL '94 match-up between the Pens and the Whale.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

No Name Show - Episode 39 - 02-08-10


The No Name Love Show

With Valentine's Day coming up, "love" seems to be a natural topic for the show. I'll talk a little about the history of the holiday and the man behind it. We'll also play a love song themed version of Limey Lyrics, talk about the Superbowl, and tell you the Top 7 Most Beautiful Women in the World (Spoiler: No Megan Fox). Feel free to call in with your list as well.

Major Minority Report - Episode 1 - 02-08-10

The Major Minority Report Episode 1

On our first show we did a non-gay Newly Wed game, played a call with our favorite weirdo Leonard, talked with The Ed about Parenting, did a quick drink review, and broke down our All-Heaven NBA team.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Ed Show - Episode 65 - 02-07-10


The Ed Show

The Ed did a special show to share his thoughts on his beloved Indianapolis Colts losing the Super Bowl. Hard to get happy after that one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

LCS Hockey Show - Episode 154 - 02-06-10


LCS Hockey Radio Show

Special Cousin Brandon Bonus Show! Brandon joined us to talk the usual nonsense, including his gay man-crush for the show "Lost," the stupidity of Adam Sandler, and the Angry(er) Alphabet. Then Brandon and Larry go head-to-head in Ferris Bueller movie trivia. The Ed also makes a brief appearance.

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 37 - 02-06-10


Super Bowl eve found Vertically Striped Radio in fine form. We spent some time yapping with Trace Smith of the Southeast Sports Beat who talked some Super Bowl and college basketball with us for awhile, then the Ed called in and Trace and Craig tried to keep up with the excited Colts fan.

Then Face Ventura called in as we hashed out the final details of the NHL 94 tournament which is scheduled to start this evening and run through the next few weeks.

Then we had a banner edition of Great moments in the history of Blog Talk Radio as we lived a moment from 2007 on the LCS show in which the LCS boys recreated a visit from the Ed to Dave Dameshek's sports contraption.

Then VSR finished up with a quick music recommendation of the self titled album from 2005 by Apollo Sunshine.

All in all, a fun, if Ed dominated, edition of the show.

Friday, February 5, 2010

LCS Hockey Show - Episode 153 - 02-05-10


LCS Hockey Radio Show

Yahoo's Sean Leahy joined us in the first hour to talk puck and break down all the recent trades, including Ilya Kovalchuk going to Jersey, Dion Phaneuf moving to Toronto, and Darryl Sutter parting ways with common sense. The Ed stopped by to talk some nonsense, and then we closed out the show with the Marilyn Monroe conspiracy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ed Show - Episode 64 - 02-04-10


The Ed made his Super Bowl prediction and challenged callers to some Super Bowl Trivia. Winners earned a spot in The Ed's will. Enjoy that Tennessee Titans sleeping bag.